How to edit WIKI

Hey! Great to see that you’d like to edit Minecraft Earth WIKI! Here are some basic steps in order to edit (or create) wiki page!

1. Register

In order to start your wiki adventure you need to create account in Minecraft Earth WIKI. Simply click THIS LINK to start your registration process. After submitting basic data and confirming your email address, we can move on to…

2. Edit wiki page/create new

Now it is time to start rocking! At the top of any wiki page you can see two buttons: NEW and EDIT (if you can’t see an EDIT button, that means you’re on an uneditable page, make sure to select wiki page)

New edit buttons

Clicking on any of these buttons will open editing interface where you can add info to our WIKI 🎉 Keep in mind, that all your changes will need to be accepted by moderator first.

3. Tips for editing

We believe that content created by community can be very rich in details of how the game works. This is why we ask all of our wiki editors to share every new feature of the game, they found. It’s also very important for us to illustrate every aspect of the game. This is why we enabled media placement! – feel free to upload game screenshots to make wiki pages more knowledgeable. Here are also some other tips to make wiki pages more interesting and readable.


Use headings to tide up your content. To change block of text to header click on the paragraph icon and select Heading, like on the screenshot:


Be sure to select category of your wiki page. That way it will be way easier to catalogue all of the content. To change category use option on the right settings pane, like on the screenshot:

If you believe that your category is missing, be sure to contact moderators and ask them to add it.

4. Submit for revision

After you make sure that your edits look great (by clicking PREVIEW option), its time to send your changes! Click SUBMIT FOR REVISION

After acceptance by our moderator, your update will be live!

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