Minecraft Earth update 10

Minecraft Earth update 10

Time for the next update for Minecraft Earth! This time main feature is battery saver mode – your phone will dim the screen to preserve battery while you’re holding it downwards.

Mojang published an official changelong list:

New Features:

  • Do you ever wish there were two of you? There can be! Mob of Me is now available for purchase in the Store.
Mob of me in the store
  • Make it FASHION! You can now select a style from your Character Creator closet when placing their Mob of Me on a Buildplate. 
  • Stay charged all day by enabling Battery Saver Mode in game Settings. It turns your screen off when you turn your phone upside-down – cool!  


  • We added 10 new Adventures to keep things fresh in the new year. 
  • Know where you stand – Adventures now have a clearly defined proximity circle so you know when you’re close enough to enter. 
  • Instant gratification! Reward screens for Adventures load faster. 
  • Skeleton arrows now travel slower to limit the number of Adventurers with arrows in their knees. 
  • Adventure location reporting now allows for up to 250 character comments so that you can help us make Minecraft Earth a better place to play. 

Bug Fixes: 

  • Fixed an issue where Adventures didn’t show the player receiving any rewards because it’s 2020 and YOU DESERVE THIS. 
  • Adventures now accurately indicate if they have been played by others. 
  • Good news, barbarian roleplayers! You can break blocks with swords again.

But there are also more changes! After playing for a moment, we noticed:

  • Smoother loading bar animations
  • New animations while crafting of smelting
  • Smelting UI now has new bar showing smelting effectiveness for selected fuel

We’re still looking for more changes! if you found something be sure to drop a comment below!


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