Welcome to new Minecraft Earth Wiki!

Welcome to new Minecraft Earth Wiki!

Say hello to our new website. Here you can find both new Minecraft Earth wiki, but also your best source for Minecraft Earth news! We are group of new mobile game from Mojang and we would like to share with you all of its secrets.

We created this unofficial wiki because we believe that information shared by all of you is better quality. It is our goal to create great community of Minecraft Earth players to help each other in writing extensive guides and posts with tips.

How to edit Minecraft Earth Wiki

Our main goal is to create wiki accessible for everyone. This is why our editor is easy to master and everyone registered can edit wiki pages. To start your editing journey, check out our tutorial HOW TO EDIT WIKI PAGES.

Check the latest Minecraft Earth news

Apart from great wiki section, we would also like to focus on delivering you newest news from this mobile game. Find out all about newest updates and events and check out greatest tips from our authors – all in one place!

We hope you’ll love to join our community, see you soon!


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