Minecraft Earth ruby

Rubies – one of two currencies used in Minecraft Earth (not to be mistaken with MineCoins). Can be obtained both using real money and by playing the game. Rubies can be used to speed up the gameplay and to buy new build plates.


Rubies can be obtained in many different ways. In fact you can get plenty of them without spending any real money. Here are all the ways to get Rubies in Minecraft Earth game:

From tappables

While walking and collecting tappables, there is a random chance to receive a ruby. By doing many tests it looks that there is 20% chance for ruby drop. That means, that for every 100 tappables you should receive about 20 rubies.

Ruby obtaining animation

From challenges

You can also obtain rubies from challenges (daily, weekly and career), usually from quests like “Complete all weekly challenges” or “Complete both daily challenges”. You are not able to receive more than 15 rubies at once.

Minecraft Earth challenge with rubies
Example of quest with rubies reward

Buying from store using real money

Like in many free to play games, you can obtain more rubies by buying them in store. There you can find rubies tab, and 5 options to choose from. Each package has more value, which is shown on pictures.

The price of rubies depends on your region of residence and your gaming platform (Android or iOS). Here is an example rubies pricing in United States:

Number of rubiesPrice
40 Minecraft Earth ruby1.99$
105 Minecraft Earth ruby4.99$
220 Minecraft Earth ruby9.99$
450 Minecraft Earth ruby19.99$
950 Minecraft Earth ruby39.99$


Speeding up crafting and smelting

As in many free to play games you can speed up time needed to craft or smelt items by using rubies. The idea is simple – after starting new crafting procedure you can click ruby icon to skill all time needed to finish current task.

For the last 15 minutes of the task you can easily predict rubies needed to skip it – 1 minute left is equal to one ruby (rounded up).

Minecraft Earth skip crafting
Example of Skipping the crafting time

Buying build plates

Using rubies you can also buy new build plates in the store. This is a second way to obtain them apart from leveling. The advantage is, that these build plates can be much bigger (up to 32×32) and can contain many items or mobs which are impossible or very hard to get otherwise. Many of the build plates are always in the store, but there are also some events which introduce time-limited ones.

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